AMA Charter Club #3117

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This page opens in a new window so that you can keep it open and still view the Renew page.

These notes are similar to the notes on the renew page but with additional comments.
Note that all these comments refer to the lower right side of the Renew page, the Online Renewal portion.

  • The first thing you have to do is choose the type of membership you have. There is a drop down box just above the RENEW symbol indicated by the down arrow on the right. The web page starts with the Full Member category shown. This is the category that the majority of members fall into. If this fits your situation, you can move to the next step. If not, use the arrow to see the other categories: Family membership & Associate membership. If one of these fits your membership, then select it.

  • Once you're sure you have your membership category properly selected, just click on the renew button. You'll be taken to the actual renewing page. This is a secure page and you should see the club & AMA logos in the upper left corner.

  • Once on the renewing page, you'll once again see on the left side the membership category you chose and the amount of your renewal. Make sure that's correct. To the right you'll see that you have two choices for how to renew. If you're a PayPal member, you'll be able to use your PayPal account to pay for your renewal. If you're not a PayPal member or if you choose not to use it, then you can pay by credit or debit card. That option is located on the lower portion of the page so you may have to scroll down to locate it.

  • You'll be asked to enter a "shipping" address. This is used to confirm the renewing member's address.

  • You'll have the ability to add a comment if you wish. This isn't necessary, but a member renewing for a family renewal is encouraged to add a comment about the members to be included in the family membership.

  • Once you've completed your renewal, you'll be taken to a Renewal Complete page. This confirms that you've completed your renewal and you're then free to do as you wish online. You'll also be able to leave a comment if you wish. The completion of your renewal will automatically generate a separate email which will go to the Club Secretary/Treasurer so that he will know who has renewed. Assuming your AMA is up-to-date, your club and field cards will be mailed to you.

  • Remember that if you attend our annual meeting, you still have the option of renewing there directly with the club Secretary / Treasurer.

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